Sell or Trade Your Aesthetic Medical Equipment

Selling Used Lasers

Our industry is relatively new. Most of the used medical laser equipment in use throughout the world is still young.

Have you recently discovered that you purchased a device that didn’t perfectly suit your needs? Do you now require a wider functionality in a single laser? Good news: we buy used lasers.

Trade Medical Laser

Sentient Medical Technologies allows you to trade in a laser or intense pulse light device as part of your deal with us. We accept most major brands of:

  • Used Cosmetic Laser Handpieces/Heads
  • Used Aesthetic Lasers
  • Used Cosmetic Lasers
  • Used IPL Systems
  • Used RF Systems

We accept most modern aesthetic lasers in trade. Obviously some models of lasers are more in-demand than others.

Please contact us to discuss your equipment.

What’s My Laser Worth?

Small functional or cosmetic damage to equipment may affect the value. We pride ourselves on our reputation for fairness. We want to continue doing business with you, and that requires all parties to be happy.

Buying Used Lasers

We are open to buying used lasers. If you are closing out a section of your company this may be your best option. Otherwise, we suggest simply making your trade part of your purchase deal.

How Do I Sell My Laser?

Sell your aesthetic laser through us if you have an in-demand aesthetic laser model or brand. Contact us at (435) 731 8232 with the make, model, year, condition and any other details of the laser you want to sell.

Find out the Value of your Aesthetic Laser