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What’s the Issue With Buying a Laser From a Broker or Directly From Another Practitioner?

When equipment is brokered without inspection, it’s simply one aesthetic practice passing their problems onto the new buyer. If you purchase a system directly from the owner without an inspection, you will lose a lot of time and cancel out any purchase price savings. We have seen some incredibly poor and outright dangerous repair practices applied to resold used medical lasers, which resulted in an enormous expense for the new owner.

Oscilla Lasers remedies those dangerous situations so you don’t have to. Each and every used medical laser solution you see on our website is overhauled to the industry-leading specifications of our Certified Refurbishment Process before being shipped to the physicians, plastic surgeons and other medical professionals who make up our loyal customer base.

We stand behind our used medical lasers with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Our warranty is made up of more than just words.

The current aesthetic medical market is more challenging than ever, with increasing competition, ever-tightening profit margins and the need to cut operating costs wherever possible. Many sellers of used medical lasers believe that skimping on professional refurbishment costs, advertising a low price and quickly turning the unit over to an unsuspecting buyer is the fastest way to profit. Unfortunately, this practice leads to enormous expense and frustration for the new buyers when the unrefurbished or improperly refurbished system breaks down – often right after its limited warranty expires. Our technicians refuse to cut corners on the refurbishment process. Each system is serviced according to the original manufacturer specifications.

Because Oscilla Lasers is a volume buyer of aesthetic medical equipment, we can offer professionally refurbished aesthetic lasers for less than unrefurbished systems being sold by individuals or brokers. Call Scott Carson directly at (435) 731 8232 to find out which new and/or used medical lasers are right for your particular practice.

Should I Buy a New or Pre-Owned Cosmetic Laser System?

The aesthetic laser industry emerged in the late 1990s. Only in the last few years have enough manufacturers entered the market with quality lasers to create a used aesthetic laser industry. At Oscilla Lasers, we can provide unbiased advice on choosing either a new or pre-owned aesthetic laser. Each practice is different and has unique needs.

We can take a look at your practice’s unique situation and help guide you direction. In many cases, buying used aesthetic laser equipment can save you money. The important thing is to ensure that you have selected the right equipment that works for your practice and your specific patient base.

How Much Can I Save Purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Laser System?

Obviously, the strongest reason to look in the pre-owned market is price. In some cases, used aesthetic lasers are sold at up to 75% off manufacturers’ prices. This can mean paying $50,000 instead of $100,000 for the exact same laser. For business owners, this is the difference between being profitable or not.

There are certainly situations where a new laser makes more sense, but don’t overlook the cost savings of buying a used laser right away. Let Oscilla Lasers help you decide what equipment is right for your practice. We offer unbiased advice on the latest new devices and access to quality pre-owned device distributors.

What About Aesthetic Laser Financing?

Oscilla Lasers can put you in touch with financing sources for both new and used aesthetic lasers. Gone are the days when you could get a $150,000 signature loan. Banks are more willing to finance capital equipment when the loan amount is between $40,000 and $75,000. Our experts can provide advice on how to find both new and used devices in a variety of price ranges. We can help connect you to many financing programs that can save you money on your purchase of new or used aesthetic lasers.

What About Laser Parts?

Most manufacturers provide final assembly of their equipment. However, as with most manufacturing processes today, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a third-party supplier who sells the same parts to service departments as they sell to the laser manufacturer. Aesthetic laser manufacturers typically sell parts at a premium to equipment owners who are not under a service contract. Oscilla Lasers has an extended network of service technicians and parts suppliers for the vast majority of cosmetic laser equipment.

Where Can I Find Training, Consulting and Other Related Services?

Whether you need training, financing, products, service or business consulting, Oscilla Lasers can connect you to premier providers. We have been in this industry for over 20 years, which has allowed us to develop a large network of quality service providers.